Heroes of the storm betting

Okey let’s start with a short introduction. Heroes of the storm, or Hots for short, is a relatively young moba game from Blizzard Entertainment and was released back in 2015.

It’s a breath of fresh air among the moba (multiplayer online battle arena) games and it has unsurprisingly been a success for the hugely popular gaming company Blizzard. A big difference with it’s most obvious competitors, Dota2 and LoL, is that it has a lower learning curve, and it just feels more straight forward and easier.

If you then add the fact that the game is free to play, which is not something Blizzard is famous for, its gaining in numbers all the time.

But let’s skip the whole history of the game because i’m pretty sure you already know that since you’re already here, and instead focus on the esport aspect and the betting possibilities of Hots.

Hots betting sites

The betting possibilities for HotS is still quite small in comparison to the other giant moba games, but it’s growing and there many bookmakers offering bets on HotS


Arcanebet is one of the few places where you can bet on Hots right now. They have a very generous welcome bonus.

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Betspawn is another great site that offers bets on Hots. They also have a very attractive offer.
They offer you deposit bonuses on each of your first three deposits. You’ll get a 100% on your first one, 50% on your second one, and 25% on your third deposit. Maximum deposit for each bonus is 133.7 EUR.


Last but not least is EGB. They also offer a huge variety of esports betting and of course Heroes of the storm. They also have a great offer for you.

Make your first deposit at eGamingBets.com and get the same amount of money in bonuses, up to $600.

How to bet on Heroes of the storm

If you are new to HotS I strongly recommend you to research teams instead of individual players. Every team have their own favourite maps and it can be slightly overwhelming to grasp all that information in the beginning, due to the high number of maps.

Another thing that will help you when you bet on HotS is your knowledge of the game. It’s simple, if you know how everything works, you will do better.

So download the game and start playing. Soon you will discover new features you wouldn’t otherwise think about.

You should also study which heroes are good in early game versus late game. That can have a big impact on the outcome of the game. There might be certain heroes that players favour more due to them being overpowered at the time. That could also play a big part. So keep yourself updates on what’s going on in the game to perform better with your bets.

And at last you of course need to know stats and skills of certain team and players. HotS is just like any game when it comes to preparations before you should start betting on it.

So lets put all the tips together down below.

1. Keep yourself updated within betting communities (Reddit for instance)

2. Learn about the heroes teams favour, early game vs late game for instance

3. I always recommend everyone to play the game. It will help with the betting!

4. Keep trying and have fun, you will get there

What type of bets are available?

Even though Hots is a popular game it’s still quite small among the other giants on esports scene. As a result of that the ways you are able to bet are still slightly limited.

There’s mainly two different types of bet you can choose from. It’s either:

  1. Match winner

    This is by far the most common wager. You bet on the outcome of the game, who will win and who will lose.

  2. Special bets

    This is where you can bet more specifically about certain things going on during the game, and not only the outcome of a game. You can bet on first kill or how many kills a team will get for example.

    A far more interesting way of betting according to me.

  3. Outright winner

    Instead of betting on a specific match winner in a game, you can instead bet on the outright winner of a tournament.

How does heroes of the storm work

Betting on hots in fairly similar to Dota2 and LoL. As i’m sure you know, there’s two teams with five players each that battles it out on the map.

Every player can choose their own class (specialist, assassin, warrior and support) and the class system is fairly similar to other titles in the Blizzard Universe. For instance, anyone who has played World of Warcraft or Diablo 3 will surely recognise some similarities.

Besides letting players choose their class they are also forced to pick their heroes which is very similar to both LoL and Dota2. There is at this point 84 different classes you as a player can choose from so Hots sure offers a big variety of playable characters.

All heroes and classes here

There is also 15 different maps to choose from, which is a lot more than the competitors offers. Another aspect of the game that stands out is the XP-system (experience points). The XP is divided between the teammates, which makes Hots focus more on teams rather than individuals.

Heroes of the Storm Classes

Instead of focusing on every different champion, which is pretty much impossible since there’s so many of them, I have decided to write about the different classes instead. I’m sure it will be as useful and I might use a champion here and there to demonstrate what I mean by classes.

How many classes is there in HotS

As of right now, there’s six distinct classes in League of Legends.

1. Assassin

Tanks excel in shrugging off incoming damage and focus on disrupting their enemies more than being significant damage threats themselves. They can compensate with useful “crowd control” abilities to distract or disable enemies, or force enemies to fight through them first before they can attack the others in the team.

2. Warrior

These fighters are durable and damage-focused melee champions. A common designation for close-range melee fighters, since they need to be able to survive long enough to close in on their target.

3. Support

Mages are champions with powerful magic damage skills and support skills, but weak defense and low mobility. Mages are a diverse set of champions. Some attack with AOE-damage and others focus on heavy attack from far away.

4. Specialist

A champion who specializes in killing another champion as fast as possible, usually within melee range. However they tend to have weak defenses themselves if caught. Excellent mobility and very fun to play in my opinion.

5. Multiclass

These champions are more known as support because that’s exactly what they do. They provide buffs, healing, debuffs etc. They can’t often do much on their own but pair them together with other classes and they will be lethal. A must have for any setup.