League of Legends betting

This game is one of the few that doesn’t require an introduction. League of Legends is today one of the biggest games out there, and especially a big title when it comes to esports. It’s free-to-play mode along with thousands of fans following LoL on Twitch helps it grow all the time.

According to this source LoL has 27 million active players every day, and 80 million active players a month.

Those numbers are astonishing.

The game is very similar to both Heroes of the Storm and Dota 2 but far more popular. League of legends has the largest player base of any moba game today.

LoL betting sites

There are many companies today that offers betting on League of Legends, and it’s no suprise. The game is huge and it’s just growing in popularity. There is however only a few companies that truly have esport as their main focus and I tend to like them the most. 

For me there’s only three real options and I will tell you why. 

Let’s start with our favourite: Arcanebet, Betspawn, ggbet

How to bet on LoL

You need to do your research here just like with any sports game. I would strongly suggest that you look up different esports betting communities as well. Due to LoLs popularity there’s a massive community at your disposal.

Trust me, if you are new to the game – you will need to read up on the game. I strongly recommend Reddit as a source of information. 

Since 2011 Riot Games, the company behind LoL,  has hosted the annual League of Legends World Championship, where 16 professional teams compete for the championship title and $1,000,000 in prize money.

That is by far the most popular tournament and also the considered the high light of the year. But there’s so many different tournaments going on at all times so you will have no difficulties finding betting options if you try.

Besides reading up on the game, it’s also crucial to consider the champions that certain players favour, which champions might be better in the early game or in late game and which champion might be overpowered.

These things will change when LoL receive updates for instance, so it’s something you will have to study from time to time.

Unlike Hots that we wrote about earlier, there is no need to worry about different maps. LoL is only played on one specific map called Summoners Rift when there’s real matches.  

Last but not least, you have to study the teams and players. With such a massive player base it’s hard to know every pro in the game but there’s always information about them available.

As i’m pretty sure many of you already know, SK Telecom T1, based in Korea is the best team right now. They also have Faker, who is considered the best individual player in the world.

So lets put all the tips together down below.

1. Keep yourself updated within betting communities (Reddit for instance)

2. Learn about different champion and the best line-ups

3. Play the game. It will for sure help when it comes to the betting as well

4. Above anything else, have fun and enjoy

What type of bets are available? 

1. Match winner: 

This is by far the most common wager when it comes to league of legends betting. You bet on the outcome of the game, who will win and who will lose.

2. Handicap:

You are placing a bet on whether the team with the handicap advantage or disadvantage win one map in a series or to win without dropping a map.

3. Outright Winner:

Unlike results of a single match-up, you bet on the winner of the whole tournament. That’s outright winner.

4. Special bets: 

This is where you can bet more specifically about certain things going on during the game, and not only the outcome of a game.

Examples of special bets can be: 

  • Team to Score a Quadra Kill
  • Team to Score a Penta Kill
  • Team to Slay the Rift Herald
  • Team to Slay the Next Baron
  • Team to Slay the Next Dragon
  • Team to Destroy the Next Inhibitor
  • Team to Destroy the Next Tower
  • Total Barons Slain Over/Under
  • Total Dragons Slain Over/Under
  • Total Inhibitors Destroyed Over/Under
  • Total Towers Destroyed Over/Under
  • Both Teams to Destroy an Inhibitor
  • Both Teams to Slay a Baron

Uselful links:

1. League of Legends Wiki
2. LoL Counter
3. LoL Tournaments, Challenger Mode
4. Reddit /Esportsbettingpro

How does League of legends work

You play in teams of either five or three players in each team, exactly like its two main competitors. So it’s above anything else a team-based game. And in order to win with your team you have to destroy the main base of the enemy team.

Besides choosing teams you have to choose your hero as well. There is 141 heroes available right now with more to come in the future.

Every champion has it’s role to fill within the team and is unique with it’s own set of spells and playing style. You can also upgrade your champion while playing with different items and spells you buy as the game progresses.

If you are new to LoL you might find it a bit overwhelming at times since there’s so many playable characters but don’t worry. There’s great tutorials and information within the game already so it will go faster than you think.

League of Legends classes

Instead of focusing on every different champion, which is pretty much impossible since there’s so many of them, I have decided to write about the different classes instead. I’m sure it will be as useful and I might use a champion here and there to demonstrate what I mean by classes. 

How many classes is there in LoL

As of right now, there’s six distinct classes in League of Legends.


Tanks excel in shrugging off incoming damage and focus on disrupting their enemies more than being significant damage threats themselves. They can compensate with useful “crowd control” abilities to distract or disable enemies, or force enemies to fight through them first before they can attack the others in the team.


These fighters are durable and damage-focused melee champions. A common designation for close-range melee fighters, since they need to be able to survive long enough to close in on their target.


Mages are champions with powerful magic damage skills and support skills, but weak defense and low mobility. Mages are a diverse set of champions. Some attack with AOE-damage and others focus on heavy attack from far away.


A champion who specializes in killing another champion as fast as possible, usually within melee range. However they tend to have weak defenses themselves if caught. Excellent mobility and very fun to play in my opinion.


These champions are more known as support because that’s exactly what they do. They provide buffs, healing, debuffs etc. They can’t often do much on their own but pair them together with other classes and they will be lethal. A must have for any setup.


Marksmen are great champions for destroying objectives more than actual enemies. They are perfect for destroying enemy turrets, towers or elemental drakes.

This is a very short (1.30 minute) video that League of Legends official youtube account shared themselves about what the game really is. Obviously just a glimpse of the actual game, but worth a watch for anyone that’s new to the game.

I can’t emphasize enough how important playing the game is when it comes to League of Legends betting. 
Please register and try it, it’s never to late start and I promise you won’t regret it.