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Welcome to our Arcanebet review! About two years ago, they approached us and expressed their ambition to become the best esports bookmaker in the world. And here we are, two years later, still going strong with great odds, superb customer support and a great bonus. We love ArcaneBet and are convinced you will also.
Available games

COD betting World of Tanks Betting Vainglory Betting CrossFire Betting SMITE betting Starcraft Betting Overwatch betting LOL betting HOTS betting HALO betting DOTA betting CSGO betting

Trustpilot score
58+ reviews – “Excellent”
trustpilot-review-star trustpilot-review-star trustpilot-review-star trustpilot-review-star trustpilot-review-star
Payment options

deposit with visa deposit with mastercard deposit with skrill deposit with inpay deposit with sofort deposit with paysafecard deposit with qiwi wallet deposit with yandex deposit with skinpay deposit with bitcoins

Our score
86% total – “4.5/5 dice”
esportschance score dice esportschance score dice esportschance score dice esportschance score dice esportschance score dice half
  • Bonus Conditions 90% 90%
  • Odds Margins 85% 85%
  • Payment Options 80% 80%
  • Customer Support 90% 90%
  • Esports Coverage 100% 100%
Phone: + 31 6 44 28 36 07
E-mail: support@arcanebet.com
URL: arcanebet.com


Owned by parent company TH Gambling N.V, Arcanebet was founded in 2016. They explicitly state their goal to become the largest esports-focused bookmaker in the world. They are situated in Curacao and operate with a gaming licensed provided and regulated by the Curucao government (license #345).


It is one of the few ‘newer’ bookmakers with a generally outspoken positive reputation. For example, they have a 9.3 out of 10 TrustScore at Trustpilot. A simple Reddit search also shows many users referring to Arcanebet as one of the best websites dedicated to esports betting. In fact, those comments pushed us into making our Arcanebet review in the first place. In conclusion, after a careful Arcanebyte studies online we deem their overall reputation as very good.

Restricted Countries

As with most bookies, their license only extends to certain areas. As a result, they do not accept players from a few listed countries. If you happend to be a resident in the areas below, please check out our esports betting by the country guide by clicking here.

USA flag United States of America
UK flag United Kingdom
Ireland flag Ireland
Spain flag Spain
Bulgaria flag Bulgaria
Hong-kong flag Hong Kong
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Arcanebet Esports

So what esports, tournaments & other markets are you able to bet on? Normally, you’ll see bookmakers focusing heavily on the big titles such as LoL, Dota 2, CS:GO and perhaps Overwatch & Hearthstone. Arcanebet has implemented numerous titles to ensure a broad selection of games to chose from.



  • League of Legends
  • Dota 2
  • CS:GO
  • Heroes of the Storm
  • Hearthstone
  • Overwatch
  • Starcraft (I & II)
  • VainGlory
  • Call of Duty
  • HALO
  • CrossFire
  • Clash Royale
  • World of Tanks

  • Soccer
  • Basketball
  • Tennis
  • Ice Hockey
As you can see, they alow you to bet on pretty much any current esports. I think it’s just a matter of time before they start alowing betting Fortnite & PUBG once they become more established as esports titles. As you can already tell early into this Arcanebet review, they are quite serious about their commitment to the nische.

Tournaments & Leagues

As you might imagine, the bookmaker offers betting on pretty much every league & tournament (minor & majors) in the market. The following list is just a preview of some of the largest ones, but is not exlusive and future events will most definitely be added. We will update our Arcanebet review bi-weekly to reflect these changes.

  • World Championships
  • Mid-season Invitational
  • Rift Rivals
  • All-stars
  • LCS North America
  • LCS Europe
  • LoL Champions Korea
  • LoL Pro League
  • LoL Masters Series
  • Campeonato de LoL
  • Liga Latinoamérica Norte
  • Copa Latinoamérica Sur
  • League of Legends Japan
  • Turkish Champions League
  • LoL Continental League
  • Oceanic Pro League
  • SEA Tour Championship[STC]
  • Vietnam Championship Series
  • The International
  • ESL
  • DreamLeague
  • MarsTV Dota 2 League
  • Captains Draft
  • Dota Pit League
  • Galaxy Battles
  • WePlay Dota 2 League
  • WePlay Dota2
  • Zotac Cup
  • The Manila Masters
  • PGL Dota2
  • ESL Dota2
  • FACEIT Dota2
  • StarLadder i-League
  • StarSeries Dota 2
  • Dota 2 Asia Championships
  • ELEAGUE Major
  • ELEAGUE Premier
  • StarLadder
  • i-League
  • StarSeries
  • Intel Extreme Masters (IEM)
  • Dreamhack Masters
  • ESL Pro League
  • Esports Championship Series
  • ESL One, FACEIT Major
  • ESG Tour
  • PGL
  • World Electronic Sports Games (WGES)
  • X-BET.CO
  • World Championships
  • HGC Europe
  • HGC North America
  • HGC South Korea
  • HGC Western Clash
  • HGC Taiwan
  • HGC Copa America
  • Heroes of the Dorm
  • Gold Series
  • Nexus Games Europe
  • Nexus Games America
  • Bloodlust
  • Hearthstone
  • Global Games
  • HCT Pro Team Standings
  • SeatStory Cup
  • HCT Summer Championship
  • Titanar Hearthstone Elite Invitational
  • HCT Seasonals
  • Wild Open
  • World Electronic
  • Sports Games Gold Series
  • World Championships
  • Dreamhack
  • Overwatch World Cup
  • Overwatch League Seasonals
  • APAC Premier
  • Overwatch APE
  • Overwatch Pacific Championships
  • Overwatch Premier Serie
  • Overwatch Open
  • Gamescom
  • Atlantic Showdown
  • Cheeseadelphia World Championships Series (WCS)
  • HomeStory Cup
  • GPL Seasonals
  • Copa América Seasonals
  • Global StarCraft II League Seasonals
  • AfreecaTV GSL Super Tournament
  • QLASH SC2 Invitational
  • Master’s Coliseu
  • Passioncraft Open
  • GSL vs the World
  • OlimoLeague
  • Clan Wars Cup
  • SMITE World Championships
  • SMITE Masters
  • SMITE World Championships Xbox One
  • SPL Summer Finals
  • SPL North America
  • SPL Europe
  • SPL Oceana
  • ESL Invitational
  • Battle of Dragon and Tiger
  • Samsung Galaxy Invitational
  • Vainglory International Premier League Seasonal
  • Vainglory World Invitational
  • Evil Eight North America
  • Evil Eight Europe
  • EU Summer Live Championships
  • VGL Korea
  • RAGE
  • Vainglory CMEG
  • VG8 SEA Challengers
  • Tesseract League Seasonals
  • Pro League Stage 1-2
  • Pro League Relegation
  • Last Chance Qualifier
  • Call of Duty World League Championships
  • Dallas Open
  • Northern Arena
  • New Orleans Open
  • Atlanta Open
  • Seattle Open
  • Anaheim Open
  • Birmingham Open
  • National Circuit
  • 2000 Series
  • Chattanooga
  • DreamHack
  • EGL
  • EA
  • ESL
  • ESML
  • European Gaming League
  • Gfinity
  • Gamelta
  • Halo Global Championships
  • Halo National Championships Halo Championship Series Seasonals + Qualifiers + Circuit
  • Legendary Cup
  • CrossFire Series
  • Intel Extreme Masters
  • Invitationals
  • CrossFire Pro League (China, Vietnam, Brazil, Phillippines 2018)
  • Arena battles
  • Bilbao Esports Tournament
  • ClashWars Crown Championships
  • Global Series
  • Electronic Super Cup
  • Esports World Convention
  • Gamepolis
  • Gamergy
  • Masters Honor Cup
  • Jurong Point
  • Gamifest
  • King’s Cup
  • Lion City
  • Esports Cup
  • MGL World Millenium
  • Superclash
  • Monaco
  • Esports Master Mobile
  • Esports League
  • Northern Arena
  • QLASH League
  • Questo Cup
  • ROG Island of Legends
  • Super Magical Cup
  • The Crown Duel
  • The Crown Wars
  • v4 Future Sports F
  • estival Worten
  • Game Ring Cup Xtra Cup
  • No tournaments running right now 🙁

Arcanebet Odds & Betting

Let’s dive into the actual action of placing a bet on Arcanebet – how does their odds compare? What the minimum deposit? What kind of variation can I bet on? This section will help you understand what you can actually do on the website.

Minimum Deposit

There is no minimum deposit amount into your account, however, there is a minimum bet amount of 0.25 euros. That is to say, you must deposit at least 0.25 euros into your account do be able to do anything with them in the first place.

Odds Margins

Odds Bookie Fair Payout
Option 1 1.500 66.67% 62.03% $15.00
Option 2 2.450 40.82% 37.97% $24.50
Margin 7.48%
Our Arcanebet review would not be complete without an odds margins calculation. The total average ends up at about 7.5% (n=10 bets). This is simply calculated by dividing 1 with the decimal odds option 1 times 100, adding the same calculation for option 2, and finally substracting 100%. In our example:

((1/1.500)*100) + ((1/2.450)*100) = 107.48% – 100% = 7.48%

These odds are deemed fair but not optimal. There are other bookmakers with lower odds – but we believe they make up for it by having a large variety of betting alternatives and interesting promotions (see next section for more on that).

Betting Varieties

The most common way of betting is, of course simply picking the match winner (known as 1 X 2). However, there are many other forms of betting which, if used correctly, can give you insane leverage in certain matches. Here are some examples as well as their explanation on betting varieties:

arcanebet review

  1. Match Winner: Simply put, who do you think will win the game? If you put $10 on team A at 2.0 odds, and they end up winning the game, you get twice your money back.
  2. Handicap/Map Advantage: Lets say you again bet on team A, but this time, you set a handicap of 3.5+ in a game of CS:GO. Now, in order to win, your team must beat the other team by at least 3 rounds (16-13, for example). It’s a bit harder to win this way but definitely can yield a higher payout.
  3. Correct Score: Pretty much just what it sounds like. Let’s assume you’re placing your bets in a BO3 series, and you place a bet in where team A beats team B with a 3-2 score. If that happends, you’ll probably end up earning a lot of money, as odds on these markets are typically really high, but with a high risk ofcourse.
  4. Total Maps Played: Pretty similar to the last one, again, imagine a BO5 and you put a bet stating that you do not believe that they will play more than 4 maps (one team wins 3-1).
  5. Decider Map Played: Place a bet here if you think the game will go all the way to the very last map in order to decide the winner. I.E a 2-2 situation where the 5th and final map will decide the winner.
  6. Team to Win at Least One Map: Again, pretty self-explanatory. If you believe team X will win at least one map, you can translate that into winnings here. This is actually pretty common even for underdogs and can yield surprising returns if you’re clever.
  7. Winner Map/Round/Game X: Here you place your bet on whose going to win a specific set of the game, which could be everything from map/round/game 1-5 (or even higher). Make sure to check which teams typically slack at the begining of long series (for example Team Liquid in CS:GO) and which teams are very strong early on (FNATIC). PS: A variety exists for CS:GO called “Winner round 1/16 (PISTOL)”
  8. First Blood: Which player (or sometimes team) will draw the first blood? I like to bet high here on great pistol players like Dennis from Fnatic.
  9. Odd/Even Rounds/Maps/Games: This one is honestly terrible. There is usually no reason to place bets on this – you’ll find better odds elsewhere and this is purely RPG.

Live Betting

arcanebet live bettingThe banner above is taken from their website, which is an obvious testament to their commitment to provide live betting in esports. During writing this part of our Arcanebet review, no live games were available to bet on (althoug the Astralis vs Team Liquid game just ended before).

However, this isn’t out of the ordinary as typically only games from somewhat large tournaments are available for live-betting, even on the major bookmakers like bet365, Betway, etc. You’ll find this section by navigating to “live” located in the middle of the menu. Make sure you select esports as sports live-betting is also an option.


Outrights could probably be put into the “betting varieties” section, but since they decided to put it on its own, we’re going to include the full aspect of it in our Arcanebet analysis (we like to be thourough). An outright bet is essentially an early gamble on the winner of a large event, league or tournament.

arcanebet outrightsAs you can see from the picture above, I could bet on Ninjas in Pyjamas to “outright” win the whole Blast Pro series before it has even started, and earn a hefty 9.00 times my money back if I’m right.

Obviously, the chances of winning an outright is low, but the payout can often warrant just placing even a small bet on an underdog.

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Arcanebet Promotions

There are a surprisingly large amount of promotions available for you to bet on, including a welcome bonus, a general bonus, progressive jackpots & mystery jackpots. In this section of our Arcanebet review, you’ll be able to figure out how to use these to your advantage and claim a unique 100% up to €100 deposit bonus with favorable conditions.

Arcanebet Welcome Bonus

By clicking here, you will be taken to the welcome bonus page (pictured below), where you’re able to follow it to the ‘register’ page and later claim a unique 100% deposit bonus up to a €100 value.

Just remember to use the code “CHANCE” to be able to receive it. You do not need the code right now, but make sure to save it.


Then, simply navigate to the “deposit” section of your account, where you will find a field called “bonus code” located under “payment methods” input the code “CHANCE” and you will receive your bonus code once you hit deposit. See the following picture for reference.

arcanebet review

Bonus Conditions & Terms

As any bonus, on any bookmaking website, there are some requirements you have to fulfill in order to benefit from it. In this case, the terms are:

  1. Only new customers can use the bonus
  2. The bonus is up to €100, but also any other currency amount that is equal to the same value
  3. The bonus is credited right upon the first deposit
  4. You “unlock” the bonus amount after you rollover the amount x 12
  5. 1.7 is the minimum odds to rollover the bonus (not that hard to do over a span of time)
  6. The bonus is exclusive, meaning that you cannot use any other bonus codes during the same time
  7. You cannot reach the rollover requirement by using the casino, so stick to betting on esports games!
  8. You have to reach the rollover requirement within 180 days of signing up (approximately 6 months)

Support & User Experience

Never have we ever tried a betting website with better support. Honestly. Their web chat is open 24/7 and during three tests, we never had to wait more than 5 minutes for a thorough and human answer to problems that you may run into.

Live Chat

The chat is open between 9AM-5PM GMT+3 / 10AM-6PM CET +1. During these hours, they will be able to assist you with anything from errors with deposits, withdrawals, registrations and more. We took their chat function to their test as part of our Arcanebet review and clocked the average response time to be less than a minute (usually about 10 seconds).  You can use the chat by simply clicking the lower “Zendesk” tab and a chat will open up!

arcanebet live chat

Response time test results

Try #1: 10 seconds
Try #2: 12 seconds
Try #3: 10 seconds

It’s really no wonder that we have given them a 100/100 rating in the support department, as no other bookmaker has had this type of speed when inquiring them before. Well done!


You can call + 31 6 44 28 36 07 during the same hours as the live chat to talk to a representative directly if you wish. However, we recommend using the chat as it will not cost you anything and most things can be resolved through the chat anyways.


The e-mail contact@arcanebet.com is available for you to contact 24/7, and we recommend using it in case you have questions that may be too complex or ‘high level’ for the live chat support. Things of legal, fiscal and complicated account/ownership issues should be solved through here.

Response time test results

We sent three different emails, posing as real questions that the average user may face when trying to use the platform (without saying it was for our Arcanebet review). The results were, as expected, quite impressive, as every single email was replied to within a 24 hour span, no matter the subject.


The big question that people always ask themselves before playing on a new website: will I easily be able to withdraw my money? Or will I have to fight for days, sometimes weeks, before I see anything on my account?

The short answer is yes, it is very easy to withdraw your money.

If you used your credit card to deposit, you’ll be able to withdraw using the same method, which usually takes just a few days (depending on your bank). Otherwise, if you used Skrill to deposit, you can withdraw using Skrill, which is almost instant and usually done the same day.

Sign up at Arcanebet and get a unique 100% up to 100€ bonus!  

Arcanebet Review


  • Esports focused
  • Outstanding support
  • Fair bonus conditions

  • Lacking some smaller esports titles
  • Live-betting is limited
  • Somewhat high odds margins
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